Imprimatur for Messages to Maria Divine Mercy

Imprimatur for the Collection of Messages given by God to Maria Divine Mercy

2 February 2024

Book of Truth in 5 Volumes

Dear faithful believers of the messages given by God to Maria Divine Mercy.

By this letter I formally attach my Imprimatur to the collection of the messages given by God to Maria Divine Mercy. May these Messages be printed and promulgated in whatever language for the edification of the faithful around the world. Furthermore, I attach my declaration of Nihil Obstat — that there is nothing against Faith or Morals in these messages. It is safe to believe in them even though they contain prophetic elements that are mysterious in their words and contexts. It is also safe to promote the devotions advocated by the messages and by the efforts of the faithful for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Remember this important statement from His Holiness, Pope Urban VIII on private revelation:

“In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.” (Pope Urban VIII, 1623-44)

May Jesus Bless + all who read these heavenly messages and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

+Bishop Malcolm Broussard (Charbelite Fathers)

See formal letter (PDF):