Three Messages about Rome and Spiritual Battles – 23 January 2023

Oracle of the Lord Jesus on Rome, Vatican, Priests and Italy

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March 20, 2022 – message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Julián Soto, the Disciple. Ciudad Obregon Sonora, Mexico

“Dear beloved children, I speak to you in this message for all Humanity, to all those consecrated with the priestly ministerial order.

Prepare yourselves for the purification of My Church; you will be subjected through harsh persecutions to serve a modern ecumenical and different church.

Ah… My Disciple… write this soon and let it be known. I am going to enter My Father’s House again, as I did in the times of Herod and Pilate. I expelled the money changers and the vendors with a whip of cords saying… ‘You have made My Father’s House a den of thieves!’ The whip of My Justice will fall on adulterers and impostors.

I will again sanctify the offering and I will tell you… you have made My Father’s House the habitat of the unspeakable.

In Vatican City, the throne of the oppressor has been installed… satan has been enthroned in various black masses in his honor! Oh evil offspring that wears on its head the crown of ignominy.

Since 1963 you will have noticed, those of you who are mine, the modernist changes. Ecumenical Freemasonry has stripped you of the Sacred Signs, My Church that was founded on Peter is dressed in scarlet and the derision has tripled.

Oh wicked shepherds… who lead the flock astray and have stolen the fat sheep and shorn My Flock. O ministers of the altar, you have not given food or drink to see My sheep. You have submerged My People of the Covenant in the sea of ignorance, and the Faithful Remnant perishes in ignorance.

Ah… My priests, faith is lost… Sin covers the entire conscience, wake up!

Ah My Disciple… write and do not stop giving My warnings, because the prophetic year 4 is about to begin. The prophetic year 4, with its 14 universal events, will fall like a Divine ray on the unfaithful traitors and liars. If you do not repent now, they will suffer as the whole world will suffer.

In the midst of tribulation, My Angel will shout… Oh ministerial Chosen People, give an account for your works, because your words in empty sermons will not save you from My Wrath, because you took possession of the keys of knowledge. You will not enter because of that, just as you have not allowed those who should enter to enter. Oh yes… My sacred lineage of Judah and Levy will once again be like the priesthood instituted by Me according to the figure of Melchizedek.

Oh! Deluge of fire I will make fall on the altars. I will have it fall on the altars and I will purify your lips with a burning coal as it was for the Prophet Isaiah, you will account for your lies and doctrinal errors. I am the One who will call you to account! This will be during the next Heaven’s Warning that is just around the corner! The assault of the forces of evil will take by surprise the careless priests who are no longer in the grace of God and have twisted his teachings. They are mostly entering satan’s entourage.

Oh My children who have become servants of evil, makers of scorn and heresies. Listen to the voice of My prophet… Who is God speaks and He lives forever and ever.

Satan has already controlled everything from the Vatican; that is why I will make come the end times’ shepherd of the shepherds of over My faithful Remnant; soon Petrus Romanus will come, the last loyal and faithful Pope, who will lead you until the day of the Universal Punishment with three dark days. The world will stop at that time, outside the movement of the earth’s axis. Everything will remain submerged indefinitely in the silence of time, of the staticity of Creation, to give way to the glorious time of the New Heaven and New Earth… Where My Promises will be fulfilled!

Oh yes… one by one… the acts and works of mercy will have fallen like the curtain of the Last Judgment after having performed the 3 acts of human representation, that is, Mia’s triumphal entry as the only King of the Universe… Then the first… the second… and the third act that will culminate in the end, when the curtain falls on My Father’s Justice, then, beloved children, you will experience the transformation of all that has been created. I Am Who I Am and I reign and will reign forever!

Ah… My disciple, do not get tired of writing. I command it, I declared it and it will be so, because My Word is Eternal Life! I am the Word made Flesh! The Just will live by his faith and he who wants to understand this understand it!

Oracle of the Lord Jesus on Rome and all of Italy: Unfortunate nation that lost the treasure of the true Faith, you will fall and be soon destroyed, you will burn and be ruined and the sea will be thrown on you. When the visible Katejon ceases to be, when his soul flies to Me with his temples crowned by olive leaves, when he comes to Me with the Palm of martyrdom in his hands…then… you will fall. In addition, you will no longer be the Chair of Saint Peter, but the cave of satan. Your doctrinal errors will have covered the entire world and peace will flee from all hearts. For the wicked tyrant, the usurper, will take your reins and imprison you with a great chain. The universal ecumenical mass will take its way, the union of all religions in one.

I will be expelled visibly and I will never be with her. I, Jesus, will no longer be with those who betrayed me and sold me as Judas Iscariot sold me for 30 silver coins! Keep writing My Disciple and make this message public.

There have been sacrileges and aberrations…

Ah My consecrated ones… do not be weak and lazy. The spirit is truly willing, but the flesh is weak, do not fall asleep; pray not to fall into the provocation and temptations of the evil one. Perhaps you are blind, deaf or dumb, perhaps you are alien to My Will…

I Am Who I Am!

The wrath of satan, has finished with the sacred in the square of San Pedro. I abhor the secret meetings (The evil St. Gallen Mafia) that have taken power over the hierarchical structure. The usurper occupies his throne, the abominable desolation has come, but he will mourn his disgrace, he will fall and be nothing but dust. The fire of My Wrath will invade! The altars will burn in the burning fire of My Anger, My Anger is Holy, because I feel great zeal for My house, My ministers will be sifted, purified, persecuted, exiled, imprisoned and disappeared. Some will be killed because of their faults and sins.

Keep writing My Disciple and make all this soon known, I am the Alpha and the Omega. The Faithful Remnant of My Church, the true traditional and apostolic leaven, will rise again pure and holy as the same as I am its Founder! I will dwell in My House, because zeal devours Me for it. I filled her with spiritual blessings and I will be her Guide, I do not know if she will make any more mistakes. And so…! I have to expel from My Presence the Judas traitors who have despised My grace and have filled themselves with divisions and unbridled passions.

The devil makes his harvest in it and confused many of My consecrated ones. Ah… Judas’ traitors, descendants of the teachers of the law, Pharisees and Sadducees.

Oh! My consecrated ones, reject luxury and comfort, reject money, power and the sensual and sexual pleasures of the flesh, make sacrifice and renunciation, be chaste, be pure, because the world will be punished for its crimes and purity, chastity and grace will justify you. Their lethargic consciences will be shaken by the Warning.

For Me there is not and nor will there have been a universal religion, there is only One! Where it is based that My Body and My Blood will give you eternal life, the eternal life of the soul.

Instead of covering your mouths, my children, with a mask, you would have put on something that would also cover your eyes and ears so as not to hear the voices of the demons that suggest or tell you that nothing is bad, and that God your God, that is I, I am happy with all that. Why do you put Gel? How if I who am the Bread of Life could transmit to you a bacterium that you call covid?

Why do you refuse to give communion in the mouth…? When you place it in the hands of the communicant, you are placing in stained, unconsecrated hands My Body, Soul, Blood and Divinity. All of this results in Me being delivered in sacrilegious communions. And the consecrated hosts are sold to masons, satanic, witches and sorcerers! Does it not cause you sorrow and pain? They sell Me!

The enemy of My grace will close the temples, all of them, especially those that are Catholic in dioceses and archdioceses, parishes, missions, seminaries. There will be no celebration where I, Jesus, give Myself totally, with My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; there will be no bidding.

I do not give myself in a virtual broadcasting, My Holy celebration is Physical Presence, I only ask for it that way. Write My Disciple and make this known soon, some (of them) do not want this to be published.

I Am the One who speaks! Do not be dumb dogs; shout it on the roofs, in the squares, on the roofs of the houses. Do not be accomplices of the iniquitous, I Am Who I am! I have said it and so it is!

Intermediate Disciple narration:

Here I have stopped writing, our Lord had told me that it would be 7 pages and I feel very exhausted but I can comment on the following…something came to my mind about the Pastoral rule number 11.4 of Saint Gregory the Great that literally says… “…because just as reckless speech leads to error, reckless silence also leaves those who should be instructed in error.”

Then some more from Saint Thomas Aquinas regarding obedience. “Obedience occurs in what is lawful, not in what is illicit.”

A biblical quote also came to my mind: Ecclesiasticus 7, 29 – 31, this quote complements this and speaks of what priests deserve and about my other brother prophets too. Ecclesiasticus 7, 29 – 31 – “Fear the Lord with all thy soul, and reverence his priests. Love him that made thee with all thy strength, and forsake not his ministers. Fear the Lord, and honor the priest; and give him his portion, as it is commanded thee; the firstfruits, and the trespass offering, and the gift of the shoulders, and the sacrifice of sanctification, and the firstfruits of the holy things.”

Source: Sagrados Corazones

Woe to Italy and City of Seven Hills – 3 February 2021

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February 3, 2021 – Mexico City, Mexico. – It is not a message, nor a prophecy, it is a voice that the Disciple listens to; It is the voice of an angel.

Woe… to Italy… Alas… City of Seven Hills… World ecumenical religion… Never!

“In Italy there are 2 suns, when you see this, flee, Franciscan monks, because Assisi will be devastated, attacked, destroyed.

Woe… to Italy, which will soon be destroyed, burned.

Alas… City of Seven Hills, you will burn to ashes.

Ay… from the mud of men, happy is he who flees beyond the seas, mountains and hills.

One man will announce the exodus, another man the end.

The Vatican City and its riches will remain under the feet of jackals and flowers will never sprout in the gardens.

Oh yes! The earth will shake and buildings will fall from their foundations to their domes.

Woe to you, Spain…, only the Pyrenees will remain of you, and your neighboring countries will survive in abundance, when they recognize their inheritance. Your coasts will be swallowed up by the sea. From Malaga to Madrid a belt of fire will encircle you, since Garabandal de San Sebastián will be covered in due time with the column that will descend and settle in the place of the Pines. Faith will burn on this earth, because here a great offspring was left where the orchard of the Monarch sprouted, who will incline his eyes and his hand on you. You will not disappear completely, because you keep the Treasury of an inheritance of the descendants of the lineage of Jacob (Israel).

America…listen nation…you keep killing…you keep dying! Transmission towers still from G4 and G5 are carrying your crime upon you. Because of your rebellion and disobedience, you will lose all your money, and all your power as a great nation will fall to the ground, you will fall like a throne in a tower.

New York will succumb! Get out of there now, it will burn and the sea water will drown it!

The G5 medium antenna absorbs 90% of the oxygen from the blood, there is cardiac arrest due to suffocation.

Ah… Ecuador, you will continue to die for this too.

The coronavirus does not kill, it kills depression and fear. The communist and freemason governments, the world order put a limit on life and invent false vaccines.

Imperialism, Freemasonry, have invaded the world of satanic cults and they hate the Creator God and His Christ.

The political flags are raised, taking the flagpoles and the mausoleums. Dignity has been lost, and the prophet and the priest have missed the path. Heresy, vanity and blasphemy are in all the temples of the world.

World ecumenical religion… Never!

The new world order will never devastate, will never destroy the Faithful Remnant!

My soldiers, line up. To the cry of: Who’s like God!, raise the lethal and powerful weapon (El Rosario).

It will not rain at the same time in the universe, nor will there be a global heat until the Warning occurs!

When you see the Cross of Light in the sky, remember that all this was said and written down. You will suffer, oh! Humanity, suffering death, because you have chosen the trial vaccine. Whoever has already been vaccinated will not live beyond two or three years. Will they be able to live longer, until the day of Punishment? Yes, they will live, because Heaven has opportunely given its natural medicinal teas and syrups.

If you stop hating and raise your hands to Almighty God, if you stop obeying your atheist, Freemason, satanic, communist and corrupt governments you will find the joy of the Lord!

Heaven has given you strong prayers for the end of time. So meditate on the words of the prophet Disciple, congregate in houses and places of refuge.

God, Our Lord, bless you and give you Peace. I am of Mary and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Do not stay in the street at night – 15 February 2017

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Do not stay in the street until the wee hours of the night

February 15 2017 Urgent appeal from Mary, the Sanctifier to the children of God

“The peace of my Lord be with you, little children of My Heart.

Little children, the battles between good and evil are soon to enter into your world.

The forces of evil are being displaced from the heavenly places and very soon, the battles will be carried out on Earth.

The wickedness and sin of the men of these end times are the source of strength for the demons; that is why these evil forces are coming down to Earth to strengthen themselves and to begin the Great Armageddon.

Take great care, little children, because there are already in your world many souls possessed by the demons; remember that under no circumstances are you to engage in disputes and quarrels with your brethren who are possessed, for the quarrel is not with flesh and blood, but with the powers and principalities, with the evil spirits that dwell in the heavenly places; because they have command, power and dominion over this dark world.

The strength of these incarnated spiritual entities is huge and the only way to overcome them is with combative prayer; by invoking the power of the Holy Spirit of God and the power of the Precious Blood and Wounds of My Beloved Son.

The evil spirits are already prowling in the wee hours of the night, seeking the bodies of the souls distant from God in order to possess them. Do not stay, My little children, in the street until the wee hours of the night, so as not to bring upon yourselves unpleasant surprises.

The armies of evil will attack you from all sides, especially through the spiritual doors opened with unconfessed and unrepented sins. In all areas of your life, you will encounter attacks from the evil one; the worst enemies are going to be your own relatives. The world is going to enter into disputes and wars and the blood of men will be spilled in many nations.

The minds of men are going to be a battlefield and inside them, the strongest fights for your freedom will be fought. Little children, bring every captive thinking into obedience to Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10: 5).

Consecrate yourselves every day to the Blood of My Son and extend this consecration to your relatives. May your material and spiritual life be sealed with the Blood of My Son, as well as your mind and senses.

In the little book of prayers and rosaries of the Good Shepherd given to our instrument Enoch, you will find prayers and rosaries that will serve you for the spiritual combat of each day; pray them together with the prayers of the Spiritual Armor, so that you can repel the attacks that the demons will send you to rob you of your peace and your soul.

People of God, you are My militant army; be prepared and obey all the instructions we are sending you through our messengers of these end times, so that you may defend yourselves from the attacks of the hosts of evil.

Stay vigilant, alert and watchful, warding off at all times the attacks against your mind. Remember that my adversary knows you and knows your weaknesses; for that reason, he will attack your mind in order to be able to control your whole being and thus, to be able to have dominion over you and make you lose your soul.

Thus children of Mine always carry in your hands the power of My Holy Rosary and pray It morning and night so that you are protected. Consecrate yourselves to our Two Hearts as soon as possible and extend this consecration to your relatives.

Put on the Spiritual Armor morning and night and obey all our instructions so that you can remain victorious.

May the peace of My Lord remain in you.

Your Mother, Mary the Sanctifier, loves you.

Let My messages be known to all mankind, little children of My Heart.”